Who taught john travolta to dance

Who taught Travolta dance?

Deney Terrio

Was Travolta a trained dancer?

Dancing Ability John Travolta will always be remembered for his ability to dance . His stylish moves on the dance floor of “Saturday Night Fever” wowed audiences and took disco dancing to a whole new level.

Did John Travolta do the dancing in Grease?

But it was 1978’s ” Grease ” where he first showed off his dancing skills on the big screen — and as it turns out, he choreographed the final musical number. Travolta told Fallon, “So in Grease , they needed a step for that “You’re The One That I Want” at the end, so I said, we used to do the Four Corners.

Did Travolta do his own dancing in Saturday Night Fever?

Travolta’s character Tony was obsessed with disco — but Travolta himself wasn’t all that interested, in part because disco fever was already cooling off, at least in New York. Still, long before he became a film star, Travolta did love to dance .

Can Travolta still dance?

Travolta may be 64 years old now, but he’s still got the moves he had when he was 40 years younger. He explained to Fallon that the dance at the finale of “Grease,” as they’re dancing to “You’re The One That I Want,” is called “the four corners,” and was actually his idea.

How did Travolta learn to dance?

Travolta . His father was of Italian descent and his mother was of Irish ancestry. His mother, herself an actress and dancer, enrolled him in a drama school in New York, where he studied voice, dancing and acting. He decided to combine all three of these skills and become a musical comedy performer.

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Who has died from Grease?

actor Edd Byrnes

Who was a better dancer John Travolta or Patrick Swayze?

Swayze was probably the best technical dancer who had the most experience and classical training. Jon Painter covered that. Travolta was probably the best innate dancer . He had some training in his youth but was not a serious dancer before his breakout films.

Is Kevin Bacon a trained dancer?

Kevin Bacon is not a gymnast, nor a dancer . Whilst he performed the majority of the dance routines in the film himself, he had two gymnastics doubles, one student double and one dance double on hand to perform the more difficult moves. Read more about Footloose and Bacon’s performance in the film.

How wealthy is John Travolta?

How much is John Travolta Worth? John Travolta Net Worth: John Travolta is an American actor, singer, producer and dancer from Englewood, New Jersey, who has a net worth of $250 million .

Who danced with John Travolta in Grease?

Why my sexy Grease trousers are worth a million: Olivia Newton- John recalls her iconic dance scene with John Travolta in Grease in figure-hugging pants that had to be SEWN on. We’ve all seen Grease , haven’t we?

What age was John Travolta in Grease?


Did John Travolta have a dance double in staying alive?

Staying Alive is a 1983 American dance musical film starring John Travolta as dancer Tony Manero, with Cynthia Rhodes, Finola Hughes, Joyce Hyser, Julie Bovasso, and dancers Viktor Manoel and Kevyn Morrow. It is a sequel to Saturday Night Fever (1977).

Are there two versions of Saturday Night Fever?

Theatrical run Two theatrical versions of the film were released: the original R-rated version and an edited PG-rated version in 1979. The R-rated version released in 1977 represented the movie’s first run, and totaled 119 minutes.

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What is the name of the dance in Saturday Night Fever?


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