What does it mean to dance with the devil

What does it mean to dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?

Pale moonlight means the night, but there is a spotlight, because the Joker does love attention. So “Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight ” is an invitation for the victims to dance with him (like he did with Vicky Vale). But being the devil , they probably won’t survive. Or he takes your soul.

What does made a deal with the devil mean?

According to traditional Christian belief about witchcraft, the pact is between a person and Satan or a lesser demon . The person offers their soul in exchange for diabolical favours. Those favours vary by the tale, but tend to include youth, knowledge, wealth, fame, or power.

Is dancing with the devil Based on a true story?

At the end of the song William kills himself and Immortal Technique says this is a true story and that he was there when they raped the mother. Immortal Technique’s message is based off a metaphor in “ Dancing with the Devil ” and tries to warn the audience to not give in.

What does the phrase the devil mean?

phrase . When you want to emphasize how annoyed or surprised you are, you can use an expression such as what the devil , how the devil , or why the devil . [informal, emphasis] ‘ What the devil’s the matter?’ Tim wondered how the devil they had managed it.

Who made a deal with the devil?

Robert Johnson (1911 – 1938) The undisputed master of the Delta Blues is rumored to have met the devil at the crossroads to bargain for his soul. Johnson got his wish and became a famous bluesman, but died at only 27 years of age.

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What mean deal with?

1 : to be about (something) : to have (something) as a subject Her speech dealt with health care and the nation’s economy. The film deals with some serious issues. 2 : to make business agreements with (someone) He deals fairly with all his customers. Their salespeople are very easy to deal with .

What song does dance with the devil sample?

“Dance with the Devil” samples “Survival of the Fittest” by Mobb Deep, ” Love Story ” by Francis Lai, and “Think (About It)” by Lyn Collins; The hidden track version with Diabolic also contains a sample of “Sonata for Viola and Harpsichord – 1st Mvt” by Johann Sebastian Bach.

What is tomfoolery mean?

: playful or foolish behavior.

What’s a devil’s advocate?

Devil’s advocate , Latin advocatus diaboli, a former office in the Roman Catholic Church, the Promoter of the Faith (Latin: promotor fidei), who critically examined the life of and miracles attributed to an individual proposed for beatification or canonization.

What God means?

1 God : the supreme or ultimate reality: such as. a : the Being perfect in power, wisdom, and goodness who is worshipped (as in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism) as creator and ruler of the universe Throughout the patristic and medieval periods, Christian theologians taught that God created the universe …—

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