John prine i just want to dance with you

Who sang I Just Want to Dance With You?

Джордж Стрейт

Who wrote I just want to dance with you?

Роджер Кук Джон Прайн

What George Strait song did John Prine write?

I Just Want to Dance with You

What is John Prine’s biggest hit?

Top 10 John Prine Songs “You Never Even Called Me By My Name” From David Allan Coe’s ‘Once Upon a Rhyme’ (1975) ” Illegal Smile ” From ‘John Prine’ (1971) “Mental Cruelty” From ‘For Better, or Worse’ (2016) “Angel From Montgomery” From ‘John Prine’ (1971) “Everything Is Cool” “In Spite of Ourselves” “Some Humans Ain’t Human” “Sam Stone”

How old is Fiona?

73 years old

What city is mentioned in the most songs?


What disease does John Prine have?

In the late-Nineties, the musician was diagnosed with squamous-cell cancer in his neck; after rounds of radiation, surgery, and a year of rehabilitation, Prine returned to music. In 2013, Prine announced he had an operable cancer , “nonsmall cell carcinoma,” in his left lung , that briefly sidelined him.

Where will John Prine be buried?


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