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What is Jerome Robbins best known for?

Jerome Robbins was one of the 20th century’s most popular ballet and Broadway musical choreographers, known for gems like West Side Story and Fiddler on the Roof.

What was Jerome Robbins style?

Robbins’ choreographic style was a blending of ballet , modern, jazz and social dance idioms. His work was often infused with humour and presented issues and characters familiar to his audiences. Fancy Free (1944) depicted three sailors on leave.

What musicals did Jerome Robbins choreograph?

For the Broadway stage, Robbins choreographed a string of musicals, including Billion Dollar Baby (1946), High Button Shoes (1947), and Look Ma, I’m Dancin’ (1948). Robbins won the Antoinette Perry (Tony) Award for best choreographer in 1948 for High Button Shoes .

How did Jerome Robbins influence Bob Fosse?

He was already busy with another musical and recommended a young choreographer, Bob Fosse . Abbot only accepted Robbins terms if he were to make himself available to help. It turns out that Fosse did use Robbins help for a crowd scene because he never had to deal with so many dancers at once.

Is Jerome Robbins alive?

Deceased (1918–1998)

When did Jerome Robbins die?

July 29, 1998

When was Jerome Robbins born?

October 11, 1918

Who was Jerome Robbins influenced by?

George Balanchine

Where did Jerome Robbins grow?

Robbins was born Jerome Rabinowitz in New York on October 11, 1918, to Russian Jewish parents who came to America to flee the pogroms. He grew up in Weehawken, New Jersey, and was in his late teens when he began studying at the Sandor-Sorel Dance Center in Brooklyn.

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Who was the name of Bob Fosse’s first professional dance partner?

Mary Ann Niles

How many ballets did Jerome Robbins create?

60 ballets

What dance style is West Side Story?

Style Equals Substance Every single move in West Side Story reflected that reality. Ballet gave the choreography grace; jazz and genius gave it personality.

How did Bob Fosse impact the dance community?

had an influence on Fosse’s choreography . When Fosse would create a piece of choreography he was known for playing up the contrast in each move. His movements would shift from fast to slow or little to big which created an explosive and sensual feel to his work.

Who was Bob Fosse’s wife?

Gwen Verdon m. 1960–1987 Joan McCracken m. 1952–1959 Mary Ann Niles m. 1947–1951

What influenced Bob Fosse’s style?

Influenced by the work of Jack Cole, Fred Astaire, and Jerome Robbins, Fosse was fluent in a dizzying mix of styles : in Redhead alone he incorporated elements of the ballet, jazz, march, cancan, gypsy dance, and the traditional English music-hall.

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