How to dance to suavemente

Is suavemente a merengue or salsa?

Suavemente (song)

” Suavemente “
Genre Merengue
Length 4:27
Label Sony Discos
Songwriter(s) Elvis Crespo

What dance is suavemente?

Merengue Dance

What genre is suavemente?


What is the difference between salsa and merengue?

Generally, Salsa uses Mambo action (forward/backward steps), Bachata is danced with chasses (side, close, side steps) and Merengue is basically a two-step dance with a lot of hip action. You would do better having a look on YouTube for the dances as attempting to describe them in words is virtually impossible.

What year did suavemente come out?


What country is merengue from?

Dominican Republic

What instruments are used in suavemente?

Instruments heard in the song: Saxophone, maracas, trumpet, piano, guitar, tambora(drum), accordion, bass guitar, congas, trombone.

Is Elvis Crespo Mexican?

Elvis Crespo Díaz (born July 30, 1971 in New York City) is an American singer and songwriter of the Merengue genre. He has won multiple awards, including a Grammy and a Latin Grammy Award in merengue.

Elvis Crespo
Origin Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
Genres Merengue
Occupation(s) Singer songwriter
Years active 1988–present

Who wrote suavemente?

Elvis Crespo

Which is easier bachata or salsa?

Bachata definitely is easier , but it’s just the way that it works, which is having four beats instead of Salsa which has eight. Salsa is the more forward and backward. With Salsa , it takes a little bit more skill. The thing to consider isn’t necessarily thinking the easiest one.

Which Latin dance is easiest to learn?


Should I learn bachata or salsa first?

As you already have salsa experience, bachata , despite being different, will be easier for you to learn as you already have rhythm. I always danced salsa and recently decided to learn bachata and it was very easy to pick up the steps and the rhythms.

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