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How do you do the Sirtaki dance?

By alternating slow and fast steps from the hasapiko and hasaposerviko dances , sirtaki was born. Its most famous characteristic is the acceleration, moving from a 4/4 tempo to a 2/4 pace. It is danced in a line or circle formation, with hands placed on their neighbor’s shoulders.

What does Sirtaki mean?

The name sirtáki comes from the Greek word syrtos – from σύρω (τον χορό), which means “drag (or lead the dance)” – a common name for a group of traditional Greek dances of so-called “dragging” style, as opposed to pidikhtos (πηδηχτός), a hopping or leaping style.

What is a traditional Greek dance?

There are over 10,000 traditional dances that come from all regions of Greece . There are also pan-hellenic dances , which have been adopted throughout the Greek world. These include specifically the syrtos, kalamatianos, ballos and hasapiko. Traditional Greek dancing has a primarily social function.

What is the Greek wedding dance called?


What does Opa means in Greek?

good cheer

Why do Greek brides get spit on?

Yes it’s true; a very old Greek tradition is to spit on the happy couple. But, not literally. Guests will pretend to spit on the Bride and Groom to protect them from any evil spirits on their big day! This is generally done three times for greater luck.

What were Greek dancers and singers called?

The dithyramb, a hymn sung and danced by a chorus and accompanied by the double flute, celebrated the spring festival of Dionysus, the god of fertility and wine. Myth says that Thespis, a priest of Dionysus who was a dancer and singer , created drama.

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Where did the Zorba dance originated?

Zorba the dance originated in Greece from a small island called Crete .

What is the movie Zorba the Greek about?

Traveling to inspect an abandoned mine his father owns in Crete, English author Basil (Alan Bates) meets the exuberant peasant Zorba (Anthony Quinn) and invites him along when the older man claims he has mining experience. In Basil’s father’s old village, he finds himself attracted to a young widow (Irene Papas), and Zorba takes up with the woman who runs their hotel (Lila Kedrova). When things go wrong, Zorba teaches Basil how to enjoy life even under the most trying circumstances.

What is the slowest dance?


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