How to dance like bts

What is the easiest BTS dance?

I think the easiest choreos are War of Hormone , Baepsae, 21st CG, Go Go. You can always find a good tutorial for BTS dances. Try to maybe show your progress to your friends or relatives (they may point out small mistakes that you didn’t see), and the most important: practice and have fun with it!

How long does it take BTS to learn a dance?

Question: How long does BTS take to learn the choreography? Answer: 1 month. They only takes about 3-4 days to learn the steps but about a month to perfect it and bring it to stage. They train more than 10 hours each day.

What style does BTS dance?

So, what kind of dancing is BTS doing? The vast majority of the choreography for BTS performances is Hip-Hop. However, calling it Hip-Hop is like saying it’s a fruit. Hip-Hop is a category of dance .

What is the hardest dance move?


What is BTS hardest dance?

Originally Answered: What’s the hardest dance of BTS ? According to Jin, their choreographer Son Sung Deuk spent ten nights without sleep designing the dance . The members agreed that it is even more difficult than “Blood, Sweat & Tears” and that it was the hardest dance they have ever done.

Who is the weakest dancer in BTS?

So to answer your question… That’s just me but the worst dancer might be Jin . There’s a joke in the fandom that in the dance formations, RM and Jin are always in the back because they are ‘the worst dancers’.

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Who is the skinniest person in BTS?


Why are there no BTS songs on just dance?

Well, here’s the tea- Just Dance doesn’t have BTS songs on the game because of the advanced choreography that comes with it. It’s not that they can’t put BTS songs on the game, its mainly because of the difficulty and complexity of each choreo.

Who taught BTS to dance?

1. Son Sungdeuk. Son Sungdeuk is Big Hit Entertainment’s performance director, and he has been with BTS since the very beginning. He choreographed most of BTS’s early dance routines, like “Danger”…

Does BTS choreograph their own dance?

Keone Madrid and his dancers do not teach BTS their choreography in person. Instead, they record each routine and then send the recording to BTS for the members to learn from. The Madrids have also created fantastic routines for other K-Pop acts, including GOT7, VIXX, 2PM, 2NE1, MONSTA X, BIGBANG, and more.

Is BTS good at dancing?

My opinion on their dancing ? As a whole group they are undoubtedly very good . They strategically place Junkook, Jimin and J-Hope always in the front rows, and you will almost always find RapMon and Jin in the back. Therefore the worse dancers are being well concealed pretty well , and they blend in nicely.

Who can sing the highest in BTS?

Who can sing the highest notes in BTS? Jungkook . 16.3% Jimin . 60.0% Jin . 12.5% V. 5.0% Rm J hope or suga. 6.2%

What is the easiest Kpop dance?

11 K-Pop Dances that are great for Beginners TWICE’s “TT” TWICE’s choreography consists of many clear and easy -to-memorize moves that are perfect for beginners. IU’s “BBIBBI” Big Bang’s “Bang Bang Bang” Momoland’s “Bboom Bboom” 2NE1’s “I Am the Best” PSY’s “New Face” BTS’ “War of Hormone” Girls Generation’s “Gee”

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What is the easiest BTS song to learn?

These songs were pretty easy for me to learn : ANPANMAN. THE TRUTH UNTOLD. MIKROKOSMOS. SPRING DAY . LOVE MYSELF. JAMAIS VU. DREAM GLOW ( FT. CHARLIE XCX ) 2! 3! And these are some of their solos which are easy to sing. Vocals: I. JUNGKOOK ; EUPHORIA. PAPER HEARTS ( COVER ENGLISH ) BEGIN. II. KIM TAEHYUNG ( V ) WINTER BEAR.

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