How to dance like ayo and teo

How did Ayo and Teo learn to dance?

Ayo , being the older of the two, began dancing at an early age, in which Teo soon joined in. The two never took official dance classes and were mostly self taught. As well as dancing, the two became fascinated by music and Ayo taught himself how to play piano, drums, and the trombone.

What style of dance is Ayo and Teo?

Dance Duo Ayo & Teo Are Pros at Pop-Locking and Popping Tags Ayleo and Mateo Bowles , better known as the dynamic dance duo Ayo & Teo , memorably burst onto the Billboard Hot 100 last year with their debut luxury anthem “Rolex,” accompanied by an instructional dance video that went viral.

How old is Teo now?

21 years (August 29, 1999)

Why does Teo wear a mask?

Following the release of their hit track “Rolex,” the duo were asked by a fan why they scrunch up their faces when they dance. As a result of this, Ayo & Teo have started wearing face masks as a way to protect themselves onstage, saying that “the masks are a part of [them].”

Who created the reverse dance?

The ‘reverse’ was created by dancer Mateo Bowles , who Pogba tagged in his video. The black and white clip posted to the United midfielder’s 11.3 million followers shows him dancing around his lounge to the beat of Ayo and Teo’s ( Bowles ) “In Reverse”.

Why do Ayo and Teo wear their pants backwards?

Why do Ayo and Teo wear their pants backwards ? They said in interviews that the reason why they wear their pants backwards was because their brother punished them when they were younger by making them wear their pants that way, and it had stuck with them .

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What is Teo real name?

Teodore Sonning

How old is Mateo?

Mateo Bowles has gained more than 2.9m followers on his @teo Instagram profile. Ayo & Teo YouTube channel has garnered more than 5.52M subscribers. More Facts of Mateo Bowles.

Full Name: Mateo Bowles
Born Date: 29 Aug, 1999
Age : 21 years
Horoscope: Virgo
Lucky Number: 11

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