How to dance caballo dorado

Where did El Caballo Dorado originated from?


Who sings El Caballo Dorado?

Eduardo Gameros

Who sings Achy Breaky Heart Spanish?

Billy Ray Cyrus

What came first Achy Breaky Heart or Caballo Dorado?

Immediately after Cyrus released the song in 1992, a Mexican band called Caballo Dorado turned ” Achy Breaky Heart ” into a Spanish language hit.

Did Billy Ray Cyrus steal Achy Breaky Heart?

” Achy Breaky Heart ” was written by Don Von Tress and ultimately recorded by Billy Ray Cyrus , who turned the criminally catchy tune into one of the biggest country hits of all time. It was made in the Music Mill, the famed recording studio that is now the home of Nashville Songwriters Association International.

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