How to dance billie jean

Who choreographed Billie Jean?

Jeffrey Daniels

Why is Billie Jean so popular?

Billie Jean’s greatest importance is that it launched the Michael Jackson era, a period in which the entire population of the planet made a group decision to follow the career of one star and one star only. Michael Jackson, during his Thriller LP era, had everybody talking about him.

Is there a real Billie Jean?

There never was a real Billie Jean . According to Jackson’s biographer J. Randy Taraborrelli, ” Billie Jean ” was inspired by letters Jackson received in 1981 from a woman claiming he was the father of one of her twins.

What dances did Michael Jackson invent?

Jackson made the dance move a phenomenon In his first outing with the move, he adapted the moonwalk into his choreography at carefully selected moments within a sequence of moves: There’s the moonwalk , followed by a spin and then his trademark toe-stand with its freeze-frame pose that makes the crowd go wild.

Who created the moonwalk?

Jeffrey Daniel

Did Michael Jackson make his own dance moves?

In 1974, Michael Jackson debuted his ‘robot’ dance move , and the world was amazed. Alongside his brothers The Jackson 5, he performed ‘ Dancing Machine’ on Soul Train and The Carol Burnett Show, and during the song’s famous break, he unleashed his new move .

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