Riu bachata puerto plata dominican republic

What happened Riu Bachata?

The former Riu Bachata is closed and currently going through a complete renovation and is due to open 1st December if all goes to plan which will be called Senator Puerto Plata Spa and Resort. The former Riu Merengue and Riu Mambo has become one resort and is called Playa Bachata . All now owned by Senator.

Is it safe in Puerto Plata?

Puerto Plata: Health & Safety Crime in Puerto Plata tends to be low because it is a heavily visited tourist area. Some general tips apply, such as never leaving valuables behind in an accommodation or unlocked car, and avoiding walking alone at night.

What is Riu Bachata called now?

As announced several months ago, Spanish group Senator Hotels & Resorts has bought two of the RIU properties in the Dominican Republic to mark its foray into the Caribbean market: The old RIU Merengue , is now called Playabachata & the old RIU Bachata ( now called Senator Puerto Plata , opening on Dec.

Why is Puerto Plata cheaper than Punta Cana?

Puerto Plata is cheaper because 1) it’s near the back-packer oriented areas of the north coast; 2) most of the resorts there are older than those in Punta Cana ; 3) Punta Cana has better marketing and an airport that is privately owned; and 4) therefore, the law of supply and demand.

What should you avoid in Dominican Republic?

Areas to avoid in the Dominican Republic Some high-crime areas in the capital city of Santo Domingo include Arroyo Hondo, Naco, Gazcue, Cristo Rey and Villa Agricola. Violent crimes such as theft, muggings and even murder have occurred. If confronted, always hand over your belongings.

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Is Puerto Plata nicer than Punta Cana?

Punta Cana is ideal for the traveler who wants a relaxing and scenic vacation at the beach. Puerto Plata is more suitable for those who wish to partake in water sports such as windsurfing, diving, and parasailing. Both places offer beautiful beaches, and you are sure to enjoy your stay at either destination.

How far is Senator Puerto Plata from airport?

25 km

Does Puerto Plata have nice beaches?

These places are best for beaches in Puerto Plata : Golden Beach (Playa Dorada) Key Paradise. Cofresi Beach .

Is Puerto Plata worth visiting?

Puerto Plata has a large concentration of all-inclusive beachfront resorts and is well known for its numerous tourist attractions, making it very competitive with the country’s capital (Santo Domingo) for the most visited city in the country.

Can you drink the water in Puerto Plata?

7. You can ‘t drink the tap water . It is generally safe to gargle with tap water after brushing your teeth, but do avoid drinking from the tap.

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